,, roku com linkAs you all know Roku is a technical device which works with electricity as well as internet connection. Although, users have knowledge about this device, sometimes they have problem related to Roku device while they are using it. Because it is the technical device, it may have the problem but maybe you are performing all the process like Roku setup, activation and so on in the wrong way, it could be possible. For Roku device, we have to perform proper steps in the right way.

Generally, users face the problem related to to activate the Roku account. Here we are providing you full information related to Roku activation. Before going to setup and activate your Roku player, you have to get full details about Roku. Read below for full information.

Roku- What does it mean?

Roku has a unique meaning which means “six” in Japanese, which stands for the six companies that have been set up. This brand is mainly known for producing electronics for instance music player and media player etc.

It was launched in 2008, designed with the vision to deliver movies from Netflix instantly on television. Since then, it is known for the best and affordable tool for entertainment. It has enjoyed a popular fame in the field of TV and called as an outstanding streaming player with the modern look as well as innovative technology. With this device, you have a number of options to select your favorite channels with paid and free subscription plans. This device provides a high quality of pictures so you can enjoy in HD quality at reasonable cost.

How to use Roku device:

In order to use Roku player, you just need to have the TV or a computer system. The good thing about this device is, it can be connected with your TV as well as with your personal computer system. The second thing you need to have is a fast internet connection. Remember! As much as fast your internet connection is, the picture quality and streaming content will be fast. Those you has purchased Roku stick or Roku media player can complete the setup guides. All the set up guidelines are mentioned on the Roku media player.

Why Roku is the best streaming device?

Here we are going to tell you some benefits of Roku streaming player.
  • Roku supports full 1080p HD support
  • You can search across the multiple content providers
  • Comes with featured remote control which have shortcut buttons for popular channels
  • Streaming via network connection
  • Now Roku provides Roku mobile app
  • By using mobile app, you can control your Roku via mobile phone
  • See your memories on the big screen
  • Use Roku TV
  • Provides headphones for private listening
  • Roku has multiple models of streaming player, you can choose anyone of those
  • Models of Roku :- Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere+, Roku express, Roku express+
  • Roku offers one more new feature called Night listening mode which reduces loud sound (explosion) as well as increase soft sound

How to Setup your Roku player?

Before start the installation process, you must have the following things:
  • The power outlets are mandatory to have, in which a Roku player can be plugged in.As you know, Roku player is an electronic device that requires appropriate power source to start. So, you should have a power outlet for the power connection. You can use AC power adapter to connect your Roku streaming player and plug it into the power outlet
  • Must have an appropriate video cable to connect your Roku with your Television.
    Roku works like an interface between your home TV and internet and provides media content through the internet. So, Roku player must be connected to your home TV for the streaming via the internet. You can use HDMI cable to connect Roku streaming player with your home TV.
  • Must have a fast internet connection or access.
    It is necessary to have fast internet connection for the smooth as well as responsible streaming experience. If your network doesn’t provide good strength, it could create the problems in your entertainment with Roku streaming player.
There are three levels for Setup:
  1. Connect your player:

  • Firstly, connect your Roku streaming player to your TV by using HDMI cable
  • Search HDMI port in your TV
  • Insert one end of HDMI cable into your Roku streaming player
  • Now insert second end point of your HDMI cable into your TV
  • After the previous step, connect the power connector to the Roku streaming player and insert the power adapter into the wall outlet
  • Now come to remote control
  • Open battery cover of your remote control
  • Insert the power batteries into your Roku remote control which are come with Roku streaming player or you can buy it from outside
  • Make sure, always insert the batteries from the (-) side
  1. On screen Roku setup:

    • Turn on your Roku streaming player
    • It will show you the startup screen with Roku logo
    • If your screen does not see with Roku logo, check that;
      • Check your power connection and power plug, is it working properly or not?
      • Check input source, are you select correct input or not?
      • Your HDMI cable connected properly to your TV and Roku player?
    • Now select your appropriate language
    • After selecting your language, wait for a while
    • Roku streaming player search for wireless network which is provided
    • It will show you the message box with some text like;
      • Wireless scan
      • Looking for wireless network
    • Select your network name which you want to access
    • Now enter your password
    • Remember one more thing, your password case sensitive, so make sure you had entered password carefully
    • You can use “show password” and see characters which are you entered
    • After completing this step, it will show you some option;

Making the connection to

    • Your wireless network
    • Your local network
    • The internet
  • Click on above options
  • After connecting with your network successfully, it will automatically search for available latest update
  • When update found, now your Roku player will get the latest software. Once the update is installed, it will restart automatically
  • Click on ok button
  • Software update process will take few minutes for downloading and installation. Wait for some moments
  • Your Roku streaming player will restart after update
  • It also show you the progress window
  • Now use the provided code for activation


  • Connect your Roku player to a power outlet and plug it to your television with a video cable which suits your television.
  • Connect your device to your router, wired or wireless according to your standard network.
  • Switch on your Roku player and select your appropriate internet connection ‘wired’ or ‘wireless’.
Set out your time zone and visit the link:

Complete all installation process.

  • Enter the Roku code which will display on your TV screen.
  • Create a Roku account and login in and complete all the remaining process of setting payment methods, by selecting your initial channel lineup.

How to activate your Account?

If you are looking to stream your favorite movies for free, then Roku is definitely an interesting device for you. Similarly, if you want to stream your favorite TV shows, serials, songs on demand, then Roku is definitely a worthwhile tool for you.

Follow the steps for account activation:

Let’s start to activate your account activation
  • By using your PC or laptop, open the browser which you want to use or available on your system
  • Enter the in URL
  • One you see the web page, enter the provided Roku Activation code on it
  • For account activation, you can login with your existing Roku account
  • Or if you don’t have Roku account, you can create your new Roku account
  • For account creation;
    • Click on “create new account”
    • Enter your first name and your last name
    • Enter your email address
    • Create password
    • Verify your password
  • Now, create your secret PIN for purchasing and transaction
  • After this step, you will be required to choose payment method
  • You have to provide your credit card detail
  • It is required for channel purchasing from Roku channel store
  • Remember that it will only charge during channel purchasing so don’t worry about security
  • Now add some channel which is provided by Roku player
  • If you want to watch paid channels, then choose your channel and purchase it
  • Roku provides more that 1000 free channels
  • Enjoy streaming with your Roku streaming player

If you still get confuse in Roku activation, how to get Roku link code and enter Roku code into account or settings, may visit the website and get more information about the Roku product and its installation process.

Why the Account activation?

  • To use Roku streaming
  • For channel selection
  • Add paid channels
  • Watch your free channels
  • You can see your detail in your account
  • You can see what new offers and trails provided by Roku
  • Check what promotion and special offers which are offered by our channel partners

Roku streaming player can cause various issues during the processes of installation, setup, and activation. The issues could be of different types. Luckily, we provide resolution for all such kinds of problems, such as:

Login Issues:

Many times users are unable to login to their accounts due to incorrect information, wrong website link or some other technical error. In that case, Roku online support is available 24*7 in your service.

Roku Link Code Issues:

Roku Link code is the code displayed on your TV screen when you attach the Roku to it. Sometimes the Roku link code doesn’t appear, or you need a new code, or the server is saying that the code is not correct, and not accepting it. Online Roku customer support can help you in sorting out such problems.

Playback Issues:

There could be many glitches during the playback; many times, the playback takes too much time to load due to its sluggish speed, or it doesn’t play(shows a blank screen sometimes), in that situation, online support is the answer.

Update/Upgrade Roku:

Regular updating and up gradation is necessary for the proper functioning of the streaming player. During the initial setup process, when the Roku gets connected to the TV for the very first time, it starts to update, which is necessary for the further Roku activation process. Online support is available if the update process doesn’t start or gives any error message.

Roku support services:

If there are issues then solution are also there. We are providing complete support for Roku related issues. There are multiple services which are provided by us, you can choose anyone of them. These are as follows.

Roku Activation support:

After the wired attachment of the Roku with the TV set, the process of online activation of the Roku comes next. In this process, users face many problems, especially those who are not well familiar with the internet and other computer devices. For such users, online support is the life saver. They just need to call the customer support number to get instant support for their bigger or smaller queries.

Roku customer service:

We are always ready to fulfill the requirements of our clients at the first request with the minimal costs involved.

We have a team of certified technicians who have undergone specialized training in Roku technical support. Contact us today for complete assistance in account activation process. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Roku chat support:

There are a huge number of users who don’t have enough time to call us and discuss their Roku related issues, for those users we started the new service yet which is Roku chat support service. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to call us, no issue you can use our Roku live chat support service and contact with us. For chat support service, you have to follow some steps.

  • Tell us about your details
    • Your full name
    • Your email address
    • Confirm email
    • Your phone number
  • Provide some information by which we can help you
    • Order number
    • Serial number
  • Now tell us about problem/query
    • Select a category
    • Provide description about your Problem/question
  • Review you input
  • After that, submit your support request