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How do I activate HBO GO on my roku

How To activate HBO GO on my Roku

Home Box Office is an American based cable and satellite television network owned by Time Warner through its respective company Home Box Office, Inc. This HBO Network offer opportunity to stream video on demand with wide selections of current and past series, films, sporting events, through the HBO network official website, or HBO network apps on mobile device or all other type of digital media players to its subscribers.


HBO Network is a one among the famous channel networks and continuously offering its pay television service with both basic plan and premium plan   in the United States.  HBO Network has been in operation in United States since November 8, 1972.  The HBO Network provides multiplex channels with including HBO Comedy, HBO Latino, HBO Signature etc. HBO Network has launched its streaming service with name of HBO Now in April 2015, and has over two million subscribers in the United States till now.



Depending on the service provider, HBO Network provides up to 13 multiplex channels. This Network   is well known to broadcasts its primary and multiplex channels on Eastern and Pacific Time Zone.

  1. HBO channel: HBO channel is well known for broadcasting services like HBO Network airs popular films  ,  boxing events, sports, stand-up comedy and occasional concert. HBO channel also typically broadcast new movies on a weekly basis.


  1.  Channel HBO Plus : HBO2 Channel was Launched on August 1, 1991, after this   the channel was renamed  to HBO Plus in April 1, 1998, but once again  reverted to the original name HBO2  name in September 2002 .


  1. HBO Comedy channel : HBO Comedy was Launched on May 6, 1999 this channel comedic films, as well as rebroadcasts of HBO Network ‘s original comedy series.


  1. HBO Family : Channel was Launched in December 1996. This HBO Family well known for  features movies and series aimed at childhood , as well as feature films intended for a family audience.

How TO  activate HBO GO on my Roku?


In order To activate HBO GO on your Roku player Follow Following Steps:


  1. First of all you need to Download HBO GO from the Channel Store on your Roku player.
  2. Now Open HBO GO on your Roku System.
  3. Here First of all you need activate your streaming device to get your activation code. Now enter the code on your computer.

4.On your computer, go to HBOGO.com/activate.

5.Select Roku and then click proceed to Continue.

6.Now Choose your TV provider from list of TV Provider . After this you need to  enter the username and password for your  account. If you don’t know your username and password, contact your TV provider or contact us at roku.com/link .

7.Now Enter the activation code you get from your TV Provider and go to choose Activate Device.

8 After this you should see a Success! message on both your TV and PC. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for activation to complete so wait untill  activation  get completed .


Activation code expires after 15 minutes.  Choose Get New Code f the activation code expire. Call us toll free at our helpline +1-855-531-3727 anytime. You can also visit on  our website of roku.com/link which is https://www.rokucom-link.net .


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