How to use Roku Streaming stick?

As you know, Roku has been launched many streaming devices including streaming player and TV. Roku also launched a new streaming device which is called Roku streaming stick. Moreover, Roku streaming stick includes all the feature of Roku streaming player. Roku streaming stick is the small portable device which looks like a pen drive. In addition, you have to activate account to use streaming stick device. Here you can see the benefits of Roku streaming stick.

Features of Roku streaming stick:


Portability is the main advantage of Roku streaming stick. You can Roku streaming stick at anytime as well as any where according to your need. Moreover, you can use Roku streaming stick even during your traveling. In addition, use the streaming stick at where you are staying. Simply, connect the streaming stick to your TV and start enjoying your content.

Powerful quad-core processor:

Roku streaming stick comes with the powerful quad-core processor as well as dual-band wireless ability. Moreover, you can watch your movies and shows with faster speed and smooth navigation.

Featured Remote control:

Roku streaming stick comes with a point anywhere remote control. In addition, remote control also includes the individual buttons for popular channels.

Best device for wall-mounted TV:

No other streaming device is better than this for wall-mounted TVs. Moreover, you perfectly adjust streaming stick with your wall-mounted TVs.

How to setup Roku streaming stick?

Here we have some steps to setup Roku streaming stick with your TV.

  • Open your new streaming box and check all including things
  • Now start setting up your Roku streaming stick with your home TV set
  • Attach your Roku streaming stick with the wall TV or any other that you have
  • After that, connect Roku streaming stick to the power adapter
  • Further, turn on the power switch to start streaming stick
  • Choose at last one language from the given list
  • Use any internet connection to update the latest software

Afterward, you have to open to activate account. Moreover, follow all the given on-screen instruction and start streaming with the streaming stick. If you have any trouble with Roku streaming stick then you can simply dial our Toll-Free Number: +1-855-531-3727 and get instant solution.

How to activate the PBS app on Roku?

Seeking for PBS app activation?

Want support for Roku com link? Don’t worry, here we give you full guidance about PBS app activation.

Afterward, please accept the Privacy policy and terms of use first, then follows below instruction:

  • Firstly, choose “PBS app” icon from your Roku player screen.
  • Then, the next screen appears with 7 digit PBS activation code.
  • Now, open a Web browser (like Chrome, Mozilla or Safari) on your Tablet, Smartphone or Computer.
  • Afterward, fill in the URL (Note: if you doesn’t support PBS site then please re-check the link).
  • Furthermore, you need to give your 7-digit code into the text field.
  • Then, select Continue button.
  • Once you hit Continue button, then app Sign-in page appear on the screen.
  • Moreover, you can log-in through three different methods:
    • PBS account – sign-in through the help of PBS username and PBS password.
    • Using Google account – In this, you can log-in using your Google email and password.
    • Through Facebook account – for facebook login, you need to enter an email address and facebook password.

Note: if you don’t have existing PBS account, then you need to create new PBS account from the bottom of the page.

roku com link

Steps to create new PBS account:

Basically, PBS account is used for all PBS products using email and password. You can make a new PBS account follows below steps:

  • Through, click on sign in button from upper left corner of the screen.
  • Afterward, must log in with your email address.
  • Firstly, enter your first name and last name then fill your email address and unique password into the text fields (note: your password must include letter and number at least 8 characters).
  • At last, hit on Register” button and then home page appear on your screen.

If you have any type of question-related to PSB app activation or, our expert team is always here for you. Additionally, we have certified experts and they always feel happy to solve your technical issues. To take help from our expert, just make a call to our technical experts on +1-855-531-3727 or visit to our site Roku com link.

How to activate the CBS all access Channel on Roku?

How to activate the CBS all access Channel on Roku?

Like, your Smartphone uses “app store” in order to add new applications, similarly, your Roku Device or Roku TV also uses a Roku Channel Store through the Roku com link account to add or install new Channels. Generally, most of the Channels are free but, some channels need a paid subscription or a single time fee. Basically, you can search Channel store for the Roku device directly. On the other hand, you can also add the channel to your device through the Roku Mobile app.

Steps to add a channel from your Roku player:

  • Firstly, select “Home” button in order to open the main screen.
  • Now, scroll up/down the menu list and choose “Streaming Channels” option.
  • Afterward, the Roku channel store appears on the screen, select Category “Movies and TV” and choose “CBS all access” channel from the grid.
  • On the other hand, you can also search your channel by typing “CBS all access” keyword in the search field.
  • If you need to know in detail about the Channel, then click on “Detail” button.
  • Afterward, click on “Add channel” option on your Roku device.
  • At last, you’re CBS all access channels added to Roku com link.


Instructions to add channels to the website:

  • Simply, visit Roku channel store or
  • Then, choose “My Account” button through Roku com link.
  • Afterward, at the top choose “movies and TV” category and then select “CBS all access” channel from a grid or search by keyword “CBS all access” through search field.
  • For further information about CBS all access channel, select “Detail” option.
  • At last, select “Add Channel” button and channel are display on your Roku account.

Steps to add Roku CBS all access channels using the Roku Mobile app:

  • First of all, install and launch the Roku app on your Smartphone.
  • Under the Channel tab, choose “Channel Store” menu.
  • Now, locate your category “Movies and TV” then, select channel “CBS all access”.
  • If you want to learn more about the CBS all access channel, then click “Detail” button.
  • Otherwise, choose “Add channel” button.
  • At the end, CBS all access channels installed on your Roku com link account.

Now CBS channel has been installed on your Roku device. If still, you are facing issues in that, take help from Roku technical support service to fix all CBS issues. Besides this, you can take help for all Roku issues including Roku com link issues, account activation issues or any other that you want to fix. Moreover, we have expert technician those are able to solve all your Roku issues. Simply dial our Roku customer support number +1-855-531-3727 and get instant help from the experienced technicians.

Best Roku Channels that you must Watch

In today’s world of streaming TV technologies  there are lots of ways to enjoy the experience of rich Internet streaming TV networks online , TV networks such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Showtime Anytime , HBO GO , PBS Kids and Netflix. Roku Streaming Player is one of best way to stream all types of content from network .   In other Words means Roku Streaming Player takes content from the Internet and displays it on your TV. Toady Roku  Streaming Player comes with six models with different features and Performance .  All types of Roku Streaming Player Models can access  more 3500+ Roku channels.


Best Roku Channels that you must Watch

Every model of Roku Streaming Player gives you freedom to  stream the all types of  content of according to own choice and gives you unlimited access to More the 3500+ Roku channels.Roku Streaming Player committed to gives you a rich and best entertainment experience of   massive range of TV  shows, series, unlimited movies,  news , sports and much more. Here  some of the best channels on Roku Streaming Player platform.

Amazon Video :Amazon Video channel is a very worthy addition to your Roku. Amazon Video offers you enjoyment of  unlimited entertainment of thousands of movies and,  episodes are  available on Amazon  Prime at no additional charge to Prime members. All Amazon  Prime members subscribers  can stream unlimited content  .You can  Start your 30-day Prime free trial at if you are not a Prime member yet?.

Crackle : Crackle channel  offers full-length movies, TV shows, music documentaries .Crackle is the best  channel to watch free of cost TV, Full Length movies , anytime, anywhere and on any type of smart devic. Crackle  gives you freedom to make a playlist of your favorite movies , TV shows to watch later at anywhere and anytime .

Netflix : Netflix channel  is a very popular channel in US.  Netflix offers something  different for everyone.  Channel allows you to Watch unlimited series  of  dramas, comedies shows , award winning Netflix original series.  If you are not Netflix user you can Try one month free* of Netflix of subscription and you can Cancel subscription anytime.

Tubi TV channel   : Tubi TV channel  is well know  to have the big and unlimited  collection of  free  movies and TV shows available for legal use. Tubi   TV  is a partner with Paramount Pictures, who has licenses to sever new movies every month . Tubi TV is also available on Amazon  Fire TV.

Slig TV : Sling TV is very popular because Sling TV provides  20 + broadcast and cable subscription . You can easily  access Sling TV on a variety of devices.

Sky News:If you love news and broadcast  content, then  Sky News Channel is a must-have.   Sky News

provides freedom to stream  live broadcasts for the different countries like   United Kingdom , United state , and Canada.

Stream Now TV: Stream Now TV is best option for you If you wants to enjoy some  Indian type  shows and films on your device . Stream Now TV comes with a wide range of content from indie film makers around the whole world.

Live stream Channel:  Livestream is a must have channel for Roku users If you love live content from  news and sports .


In case you have any query related no need to Worry. Team is always here to for help.We have team of expert and certified technician and they feels glad to help you . So don’t waste time just call us any time on our customer services number 855-531-3727 or visit or official website roku com link support

How to setup Netflix on roku

How to Setup Netflix on My Roku

Are you searching for the Netflix? Do you want to set up Netflix on your Roku? Want to use Netflix on your Roku? If yes, then find all the related information here. Well, in this article let us come to know about Netflix setup. But before moving towards the Netflix setup, let us first come to know about that what exactly the Netflix is? So, for this see the below-mentioned paragraph.

About Netflix

Netflix is one of the very much popular private streaming TV channels in the world. Nowadays Netflix can be used by more than 190 countries. Generally, by using Netflix you can watch a number of TV shows, featured films, videos, movies and much more.

Moreover, a user can stream the unlimited amount of content according to their interests at anytime from anywhere.  In addition to this, you can also play, pause and record their watchings whenever they are busy in their lives without any worries. By just performing 5-6 basic and easy steps, it is very easy to use and setup Netflix on your Roku streaming device.

So, if you want to use Netflix on your Roku streaming device, you must have to make the Roku connection first. Hence, for this see the below points.


For making the roku connection, follow the below steps:

Step 1

  • First of all, check the audio/video connection of your TV.
  • If you have the HD TV then it supports connectors for the HDMI cables.
  • If you have the older version of TV then try to use composite or the component cables.

Step 2

  • Insert the appropriate cable in your Roku and TV.
  • If you are using the wired network then plug the network cable into the network port of your Roku streaming device.
  • For the wireless network, you have to enter the valid “username” and the “password”.

Step 3

  • To proceed further, turn your Roku and TV “on”.
  • Choose your preferred internet type connection.
  • Once you perform the above steps, the Roku starts rebooting itself. Hence, you complete the setup process.
  • Once you make the Roku connection, next step is to perform the Netflix setup steps.

Steps to How to Setup Netflix on My Roku : For the setup of Netflix on your Roku, please follow the below steps:

Step 4

  • Bring your Roku remote and then select the “Netflix” icon from the TV screen.

Step 5

  • Once you select the Netflix icon, the screen will show you instructions for the activation code.
  • So, firstly note down the activation code and then enter it into the Netflix website.

Step 6

  • In this step, you have to “sign in” to the Netflix. For this, go to “your account & help”.
  • Now, scroll down to choose “Watching Instantly on Your Computer or TV.”
  • After this, click on the “activate a Netflix ready device”.
  • Finally, enter the activation code that is provided by the Roku.

Step 7

  • In this step, make sure that your Roku is successfully linked with your Netflix account. Your Netflix is ready to use.

                          Enjoy online streaming!

If you follow all the above steps carefully then you can easily set up the Netflix with your Roku streaming device. In case you face any problem then no need to worry. support is always there for your help. The Roku com link  support technician feels glad to help you. So, don’t wait for resolving your problems. Woke up and go to Roku support without any worry.

How do I activate HBO GO on my roku

How To activate HBO GO on my Roku

Home Box Office is an American based cable and satellite television network owned by Time Warner through its respective company Home Box Office, Inc. This HBO Network offer opportunity to stream video on demand with wide selections of current and past series, films, sporting events, through the HBO network official website, or HBO network apps on mobile device or all other type of digital media players to its subscribers.


HBO Network is a one among the famous channel networks and continuously offering its pay television service with both basic plan and premium plan   in the United States.  HBO Network has been in operation in United States since November 8, 1972.  The HBO Network provides multiplex channels with including HBO Comedy, HBO Latino, HBO Signature etc. HBO Network has launched its streaming service with name of HBO Now in April 2015, and has over two million subscribers in the United States till now.



Depending on the service provider, HBO Network provides up to 13 multiplex channels. This Network   is well known to broadcasts its primary and multiplex channels on Eastern and Pacific Time Zone.

  1. HBO channel: HBO channel is well known for broadcasting services like HBO Network airs popular films  ,  boxing events, sports, stand-up comedy and occasional concert. HBO channel also typically broadcast new movies on a weekly basis.


  1.  Channel HBO Plus : HBO2 Channel was Launched on August 1, 1991, after this   the channel was renamed  to HBO Plus in April 1, 1998, but once again  reverted to the original name HBO2  name in September 2002 .


  1. HBO Comedy channel : HBO Comedy was Launched on May 6, 1999 this channel comedic films, as well as rebroadcasts of HBO Network ‘s original comedy series.


  1. HBO Family : Channel was Launched in December 1996. This HBO Family well known for  features movies and series aimed at childhood , as well as feature films intended for a family audience.

How TO  activate HBO GO on my Roku?


In order To activate HBO GO on your Roku player Follow Following Steps:


  1. First of all you need to Download HBO GO from the Channel Store on your Roku player.
  2. Now Open HBO GO on your Roku System.
  3. Here First of all you need activate your streaming device to get your activation code. Now enter the code on your computer.

4.On your computer, go to

5.Select Roku and then click proceed to Continue.

6.Now Choose your TV provider from list of TV Provider . After this you need to  enter the username and password for your  account. If you don’t know your username and password, contact your TV provider or contact us at .

7.Now Enter the activation code you get from your TV Provider and go to choose Activate Device.

8 After this you should see a Success! message on both your TV and PC. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for activation to complete so wait untill  activation  get completed .


Activation code expires after 15 minutes.  Choose Get New Code f the activation code expire. Call us toll free at our helpline +1-855-531-3727 anytime. You can also visit on  our website of which is .


Major League Baseball

How To Stream Major League Baseball Season On Roku

Everyone know that 2017 baseball season is Baseball season is going to begin which means once again we will going to enjoy all incredible catches, towering home runs, and remarkable performances each and every night. For audience of US baseball is a one of the toughest sports to watch. Now there isgood news for everyone that, 2017 is a year where we can live streaming of all your favorite games and Major League Baseball games season to all your favorite streaming devices and TV. Since there are lots of games in a every year, you can enjoy with your loving once by watching a game every single night. If your streaming player users then good news for you since Roku streaming players a a huge help to watch during all games the entire season of Major League Baseball.


For regular season and playoffs season, you’ll have lots of options to watch Major League Baseball streaming live on all types Roku devices across many channels.


List of channels that ’will be helpful to live stream Major League Baseball streaming games .



1.MLBTV  : Channel gives you the ability to watch High quality streaming service of Major League Baseball streaming season on your Roku streaming player or TV. For this Facility require to have  a subscription  to  MLB.TV to watch any type of the games. MLB TV or Major League Baseball is boss of the game when it comes to in field of  live streaming,  excellent MLB.TV package and much more.


2.FOX Sports Go : FOX Sports Go TV channel will be also helpful to watch MLB game season ,World Series and including  some other kind of the best games in baseball . Now FOX Sports Go can be watched by anyone who has FOX Sports channels subscription.

3.Watch ESPN TV: Watch ESPN is also a one of the best channels to enjoy MLB games season all year . Watch ESPN gives you access to a huge collection of ESPN networks even also subscription to multiple streaming services.

4.Sling TV :    Dish Network’s subscription streaming service, Sling TV,  also  will be helpful to enjoy MLB games season and  also Sling TV subscription will give you access to a lot of the games. We all know for baseball fans and missing a game is not an option in any case. That’s why we expanded our network to include all the season action,” Ben Weinberger, Chief Product Officer of Sling TV NETWORK, told. Starting this year, whether you are re watching the games at home or not .we have ve got you covered from Wild Card games upto the World Series season.

To get complete coverage of full coverage of MLB game season, you have to subscribe to two types of package Sling Orange and Blue packages. The cost for this subscription will be only  $40 USD  a month.


5. PlayStation Vue: The service of PlayStation Vue  is  very similar to Sling TV and the PlayStation Vue  Will be indefinably  a great source for watching complete season MLB games by online streaming . Starting subscription package of PlayStation Vue will be  includes TBS, several ESPN networks, FOX’s main network etc depends upon  in areas of the U.S with starting cost  for $29.99 per month. Plus, the subscription gets you access to the Watch-ESPN and FOX Sports Go channels also.


Roku Streaming devices are great for watching live TV. Whether you have cable or not, there’s no longer any reason to miss some of the biggest games in baseball! . For any kind of detailed information of roku streaming palyer fell free to contact us Support  or call us on our toll free customer care number +1-855-531-37327.


Roku streaming Tips

Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success

Are looking for Roku tricks for streaming success? Are you also one of them who are in search of it? If yes! Then no need to get worried. We will provide you full information about your query. Moreover, we will also provide you step by step instructions for resolving your issues. Apart of it, you can also take our Roku Customer Support or Roku Technical Support for resolving your technical issues.

There are some tricks or tips that you must know for streaming Roku player:

  • Quick rewind: – This is the very great feature of Roku. It basically allows you to watch the content that you have missed. Means to say, you can use rewind option and watch the missed content live. For this, follow some steps one by one.
  • First of all, go to the “settings”.
  • Next, click on the captions.
  • Lastly, press the instant replay


  • Change the quality of channels: – If you want to stream content from the particular channel then you can change the quality of the content from the default auto quality. Let suppose you want to change the quality of Netflix channels then you are recommended to perform some steps. You can apply the same steps if you want to stream channel other than Netflix.
  • First of all go to the official website of Netflix.
  • Next, go to your account and then click on the “my profile”.
  • After this, go to the playback settings and choose the quality from high, medium and low.


  • Roku mobile app: – Handy remote of the Roku sometimes doesn’t supports. Means to say, it always requires a line of sight to work properly. Moreover, it also creates problem when you get misplaced it. But now, Roku mobile will overcome this drawback. You can use your mobile phone as a Roku remote control. This comes with many navigating button (Left, Right, Up, down, play/pause) as well as latest features like voice search, closed captioning and easy search.
  1. You are recommended to download the Roku mobile app from the play store or app store.
  2. You will find this app on android devices as well as on IOS devices.


  • Pre-installed apps: – Roku also provides you some pre-installed app. Which you can directly access from the Roku channel store. Apps you can enjoy are YouTube, Google, face book and many more.


  • Personalize your Roku: – You can change the themes, screensaver and color of the main screen of the Roku. If find any issue then take our Roku Customer Support.



  • Instant search: – Roku also provides you instant search option. You can search your favorite, movie, shows actor by just typing the first alphabet of that thing. Means to say, if you are tying “S” alphabet then you will find all related searches in the search box. In this way, it also saves you time to find the particular channel.


  • USB slot: – Many Roku streaming players comes with USB port. The option to insert USB port you fill find on the back of the Roku. Means to say, it acts like an additional storage space for add data. In terms of Roku, you can add your channels in the USB derive if your Roku don’t have sufficient space to add more channels.


  • Personal identification number: – If you want that no other person use your Roku streaming player then you can create a personal identification number (PIN). This will secure you account from the unauthorized users or it also protects the account from the additional or unnecessary purchasing.


  • If you want to get more detail or information then kindly visit our official website. Moreover, you can also take our Support  for resolving your doubts or issues. Hope, our expert technicians will guide you and provide you full detail as per your requirement.

How to Soft reset the Roku device

Roku is an amazing device. It is a part of hardware with the capability to replace cable TV. All things packed in a box that u can easily fit it in the palm of your hand and carry with as well. But most important thing that how to soft reset the roku device. So here is the solution for this problem.

Some time device would not start properly apart from this in various instances where mine has been fixed on a retrieving screen.

Whenever you have the problem over the Roku device, the optimal solution is ordinarily is soft reset. Definitely you will find the solution of your problem by this.

Steps for Soft reset the Roku device:

A soft reset directly restarts the Roku device without any misplacing or losing your data. There is option for you to reset.

How to Soft reset the Roku device

By Remote:

If the Roku is frozen, you can try to reset your device by using the remote control by pressing the following buttons:

  • Press Home 5 times button after that,
  • Press up 1 time. Next is,
  • Rewind 2 times then
  • Press Fast Forward 2 times.

This will be work on all roku devices.

From menu:

Another option is this; you can reset from the menu by following these steps.

  • From the home screen; select ‘setting’ option after that,
  • Select ‘system’ option then,
  • Choose ‘power’ option then next is;
  • Click on ‘system restart’.

And restart your device.

By using button:

This option is used in older models. For the restart, the steps are here;

  • Find the Reset button on the back part of your device. It is located beyond  the power port.
  • Using a paper clip, press the button, besides that release after about one second. The device will reset successfully.

Using power pull:

If these soft reset options do not work for you, then you may need to disconnect the power cord for around 20 seconds, then plugging it back in the device.