Roku Link Enter Code Provides instruction on how to find Roku Link Enter Code or how to link a Roku device, enter roku code into account, activation, installation process from the experts.

Roku Link Enter Code

The good thing about the Roku player is how many channels it puts on your television with little to no extra cost. The second good thing about this box/player is how easy is to set up. If you want to add new channels, here are a few simple steps by which we can add Roku to Air TV and can stream a high quality content with a clear picture resolution.

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Detailed instructions:-

  1. Plug your Roku into the TV’S HDMI port, and then plug into a power source. If you are looking to use an Ethernet connection, perform it now also.
  2. Generally, Roku devices do not contain power buttons, So the UI should be visible in the input selection on your television. In this situation, it will ask you to put batteries in your remote, the box will automatically detect the remote then there comes an option of language selection.
  3. Select your appropriate language and in the next step your Roku will bring  a network configuration step. Select either wired or wireless setup.
  4. For a Wi-Fi setup enter a password with the on-screen keyboard. Once the Roku device connets wih an internet.
  5. Using your laptop or computer, go to the link that displays on your screen ( Roku Link Enter Code that appears on the screen of your TV to link your PC with your Roku account.
  6. You will be prompted to setup a Roku account on your PC. It will ask your name, email, address. Ask you to enter a credit card number. It ensures that you won’t get charged unless you pay for specific channels or movies using Roku.
  7. After this step, you are ready to enjoy your streaming player.