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How to setup Netflix on roku

How to Setup Netflix on My Roku

Are you searching for the Netflix? Do you want to set up Netflix on your Roku? Want to use Netflix on your Roku? If yes, then find all the related information here. Well, in this article let us come to know about Netflix setup. But before moving towards the Netflix setup, let us first come to know about that what exactly the Netflix is? So, for this see the below-mentioned paragraph.

About Netflix

Netflix is one of the very much popular private streaming TV channels in the world. Nowadays Netflix can be used by more than 190 countries. Generally, by using Netflix you can watch a number of TV shows, featured films, videos, movies and much more.

Moreover, a user can stream the unlimited amount of content according to their interests at anytime from anywhere.  In addition to this, you can also play, pause and record their watchings whenever they are busy in their lives without any worries. By just performing 5-6 basic and easy steps, it is very easy to use and setup Netflix on your Roku streaming device.

So, if you want to use Netflix on your Roku streaming device, you must have to make the Roku connection first. Hence, for this see the below points.


For making the roku connection, follow the below steps:

Step 1

  • First of all, check the audio/video connection of your TV.
  • If you have the HD TV then it supports connectors for the HDMI cables.
  • If you have the older version of TV then try to use composite or the component cables.

Step 2

  • Insert the appropriate cable in your Roku and TV.
  • If you are using the wired network then plug the network cable into the network port of your Roku streaming device.
  • For the wireless network, you have to enter the valid “username” and the “password”.

Step 3

  • To proceed further, turn your Roku and TV “on”.
  • Choose your preferred internet type connection.
  • Once you perform the above steps, the Roku starts rebooting itself. Hence, you complete the setup process.
  • Once you make the Roku connection, next step is to perform the Netflix setup steps.

Steps to How to Setup Netflix on My Roku : For the setup of Netflix on your Roku, please follow the below steps:

Step 4

  • Bring your Roku remote and then select the “Netflix” icon from the TV screen.

Step 5

  • Once you select the Netflix icon, the screen will show you instructions for the activation code.
  • So, firstly note down the activation code and then enter it into the Netflix website.

Step 6

  • In this step, you have to “sign in” to the Netflix. For this, go to “your account & help”.
  • Now, scroll down to choose “Watching Instantly on Your Computer or TV.”
  • After this, click on the “activate a Netflix ready device”.
  • Finally, enter the activation code that is provided by the Roku.

Step 7

  • In this step, make sure that your Roku is successfully linked with your Netflix account. Your Netflix is ready to use.

                          Enjoy online streaming!

If you follow all the above steps carefully then you can easily set up the Netflix with your Roku streaming device. In case you face any problem then no need to worry. Roku.com/link support is always there for your help. The Roku com link  support technician feels glad to help you. So, don’t wait for resolving your problems. Woke up and go to Roku support without any worry.

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